From day one, sustainability and minimal waste practices have been embedded into everything that we do. We aim to set the benchmark with reducing our environmental footprint. Here are a few accomplishments so far:

The primary material used in our store fit out was recycled and reclaimed timber. Looks fab & reduced the need to consume new materials. Win win.

Bring along your KeepCup (or favourite mug) for your takeaway coffee and as a thank you, we will knock 50c off the price! In 2017 alone, our Baristas made more than 25,000 coffees in reusable cups instead of disposable cups. This also saved our customers more than $12,000! Saving waste & saving money, what could be better.

In 2017 we installed i-milk, an automatic milk dispensing system to reduce our reliance on plastic. By using 10L bladders instead of 2L bottles, we keep more than 8500 2L plastic milk bottles out of landfill each year.

We use BioPak biodegradable packaging in all areas of our business. From smoothie cups to shopping bags, most disposable consumable packaging in our store is biodegradable and will break down in 30-90 days once exposed to composting conditions. 

We use technology instead of paper. All of our coffee, ready to eat food, juice & smoothie orders are sent to screens, eliminating the need to use paper or printed receipts in our food service areas. 

And of course, we choose certified organic or biodynamic. For more info on why choosing organic or biodynamic is choosing sustainability, check out our blog.

As you can see, sustainability is our passion. By choosing us, you are choosing to reduce your impact on the environment.

i-milk milk dispenser

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