Organic Fresh Produce

As Nature Intended
Our fresh produce is certified organic, biodynamic or organic in conversion – no exceptions! Certified organic produce is grown with no artificial pesticides or synthetic herbicides. Rather than using synthetic pesticides to kill pests, organic farmers prevent pests by planting a diverse range of crops, rotating crops, using natural biological and environmentally friendly inputs, and conserving natural ecosystems. As a result, organic fruit & veg is not only free from harsh chemicals – it is also fresh and delicious.

100% Australian Grown
We pride ourselves in supporting Australian farmers. We source in season, organic produce daily from the Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market or directly from farmers & growers. By keeping it local and in season, this sometimes means we may not have certain items – but it guarantees that we always have fresh, home-grown produce.

Quality Controlled
From the time that we source our colourful array of produce, to when it is displayed in store, we are regularly ensuring that it is of the highest quality. With ongoing quality control checks made by staff, and the use of produce in store for our freshly made cold pressed juices, smoothies and ready to eat food, no apple is left unturned!

Value For Money
Every week we have different specials on produce, including pre-packed and ready to cook veggies. By sourcing produce that is fresh and in season, our prices are always reasonable and competitive.